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                                                                   JAMES HARDIE®

                                                                                                    ENGINEERED FOR CLIMATE ®

                                                                                                    The North American climate cretaes a variety of challenges for building materials, especially siding. From

                                                                                                    freezing, sub-zero temperatures, to dry heat, to high humidity, to hurricane force winds. Mother Nature

                                                                                                    is always testing the exterior of a home. With over four million successful installations. James Hardie has

                                                                                                    defended Nort American homes from these elements coast to coast.

                                                                                                    James Hardie has always been ahead of the siding industry curve. With the development of the    

                                                                                                    HardieZone™ System, that gap has grown wider. James Hardie's commitment to Research & Development

                                                                                                    has led to seventh generation of product advancement, which is the highest performing fiber cement siding

                                                                                                    in the industry.


                                                                                                    A specially formulated, factory-applied pimer provides excellent paint performance in areas of the country

                                                                                                    that are tough on paint. HardieZone™ siding offers you the confidence of knowing your customer's siding

                                                                                                    was created to thrive in the harsh, unique challenges nature presents. You can rest assured that their home

                                                                                                    will remain beautiful and virtualy maitenance free for decades and resistant to termites and fire


We're so confident The HardieZone™ System can withstand the rigors of the North American climate we're offering our strongest warranty. This outstanding 30-year limited, transferable warranty offers non-prorated product coverage for the entire 30 years. That's the type of peace of mind homeowners have asked for.


There is more to the exterior of a house than just siding. That's why James Hardie offers a wide variety of products for a complete building solution. Begin protecting the homes you build with HardieWrap® weather barrier. HardieWrap® house wrap is also engineered for climate so you get the best house wrap based on the area of the country you live in. In addition to the complete line of siding products James Hardie also makes a full line of trim and soffit profiles to choose from. With a genuine James Hardie home, you can count on a home with lasting beauty, durability and low maintenance. Your exterior products will be on the same maintenance cycle and all of it comes with an industry leading warranty from one reliable manufacturer. James Hardie complete wxterior solution lets you create unique-looking homes with added crub appeal to attract a broad range of potential homeovners.


James Hardie® products are available with proprietary ColorPlus® Technology formulation. ColorPlus® Technology combines paint optimally formulated for use with fiber cement and a professionally developed color palette. The multicoat, baked on, factory application process delivers beautiful, consistent, finished James Hardie® products to your job site.

  • Color coating specifically formulated for use with James Hardie siding products- Revolutionary formulation unlike anything available in stores
  • Environmentally controlled, baked on finish, factory applied color coating precisley applied to the product
  • Multi-coat (more than 2) complete coating system
  • Fade resistant - Up to 30% better than field applied spray
  • Single source warranty - Siding and color coating
  • Eliminates the weather delays and costly labor associated with field applied paint
  • Arrives with removable protective laminate and marresistans coating to help prevent damage during transportation and installation.

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